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Lamar State College - Port Arthur & The Museum of the Gulf Coast Partnership

The Museum of the Gulf Coast

Partnership with Lamar State College

The Museum of the Gulf Coast operates through a vital partnership with Lamar State College - Port Arthur and the City of Port Arthur. One of the Museum's primary functions is to provide LSCPA students with a resource in the humanities, further supplementing their education. This is achieved in many ways:
  1. All Lamar students, staff and faculty are given free admission to the museum and its various exhibitions, events, and programs. Approximately 2,000 students and faculty visit the Museum every year.

  2. Lamar faculty may utilize the museum as an educational resource in a variety of ways including group tours and special assignments. Tours/assignments can be general in nature or can focus on a specific area of study, such as history, natural history, music, fine art or literature since the museum has exhibits dedicated to each of these genres.

  3. The Museum works with various campus organizations including the History Club and Student Government. The Museum has served as a venue for club meetings and events and offers opportunities for club members to earn volunteer hours as well as fundraise for their club.

  4. Lamar students and faculty have access to the museum's archival collections for the purpose of research. For example, students have utilized magazines, news articles and photographs in our collection to document papers on such notable figures as Janis Joplin, Robert Rauschenberg and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson.

  5. The Museum offers a variety of public programs related to permanent and temporary exhibits, including lectures, demonstrations and performances, which students and staff may attend to supplement and encourage their educational pursuits. These programs along with numerous youth and family programs hosted year-round allow the museum to serve as a good will ambassador to the community by educating the public about the rich heritage of their city and region.

  6. The Museum has opened its doors to LSCPA for several special campus events including dinners and receptions.

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