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 Today is Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Lamar State College - Port Arthur - Office of Audits and Analysis Report Fraud and Abuse

Office of Audits and Analysis

Report Fraud and Abuse

Anyone with knowledge about fraud, flagrant waste, or other abuses is encouraged to report their concerns. Two methods are available:


Reports can be made anonymously via their web-site:

Respondents may also review progress on their report anonymously. Persons with valid concerns are strongly encouraged to use this web site.

Alternatively, reports may be made, again anonymously, by telephone:
- Toll-free 866-ETHICS-P (866-384-4277)

State Auditors Fraud Hotline:

1-800-TX-AUDIT (892-8348)

Please provide as many specific details as possible; the main reason for an inconclusive result is because not enough information was provided to enable a meaningful investigation.

Note that it is not for general complaints, suggestions, or personnel issues, which should be pursued through your immediate management or the Human Resources department.

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