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Lamar State College - Port Arthur Admission and Records

Admission and Records

The purpose of the Admission & Records Office is to provide service to students from enrollment to graduation.

The Admission and Records Office serves as the focal point for all student records including production of student schedules, faculty class rolls, evaluation of transfer hours, production of official transcripts and certification of official institutional reports.

The office works in conjunction with the Advising Office in campus recruiting, the production of the course schedule each semester as well as maintaining a close relationship with campus departments to provide a strong level of support.

The office also works closely with the Financial Aid office in verification of student information.

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IMPORTANT: MyLamarPA Computer Account

All students are required to maintain a MyLamarPA E-mail account. All students will be assigned an LSC-PA official E-mail address upon acceptance. Most of official communication from LSC-PA is conducted via E-mail. This includes information such as policy announcements, emergency notices, event notifications, financial aid information, tuition and fees, course availability/cancellation, course syllabi and requirements, and correspondence between faculty and students. LSC-PA recommends that all students check their E-mail at least once daily.

Texas Tuition Rebate Program

The purpose of this program is to provide a financial incentive for you to complete a bachelor's degree with as few courses outside the degree plan as possible. The program's goal is minimizing the number of courses you take saving money for you, your parents and the State of Texas.

To learn more contact an Admission Advisor or go to!

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