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Lamar State College - Port Arthur Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The objective of the organization is to provide a means through which former students and friends may contribute their moral and financial support to assist in the continued growth and development of Lamar State College - Port Arthur through scholarships, contributions to special funds, publicizing outstanding achievments of the college and similar activities in support of the mission of the institution.

Membership in the Lamar State College-Port Arthur Alumni Association is open to all current and former students, faculty, staff, friends, and supporters of the college.

The association supports the college and provides scholarships to students every year. The group's activities include the semi-annual Distinguish Lecture Series and the Annual Christmas Barbeque with faculty and staff.

A special night is set aside for the Alumni membership for the campus theatrical productions.

Opportunity is offered to travel to the out of town Seahawks basketball games through the Continuing Education Department.

Members participate in the Annual Gulf Coast Gala fundraiser with portion of the proceeds benefiting the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

An Annual Banquet for the membership is held annually in October.

If you would like to join or give us your feedback, comments, or suggestions, please send an email to Donna Schion (

Alumni Association Leadership

  • James Moore, president
  • Reneall Primeaux, vice president
  • Michelle Askew, treasurer
  • Carol Wommack, secretary
  • Kathleen Carabelle
  • John Chirafis
  • Lorraine Comeaux
  • Juliette “Dodo” George
  • Wanda Hefley
  • Peter Kaatrude
  • Kathryn Lusignan
  • Linda McMahen
  • Clair Thomason
  • Leila Mae Erwin
  • Michelle Judice
  • Carroll Lafitte
  • Rose PreJean

Join the Alumni Association

Please support your Alma Mater by joining the Alumni Association today and help us to continue our efforts to raise funds for scholarships, student assistance, and so much more.
Submit your name, address, type of membership, years of attendance and your e-mail address to Donna Schion (

Membership categories:

  • Active Member: minimum annual contribution of $25.

  • A Friend Member: minimum annual contribution of $25, includes faculty or staff members or any person, partnership or corporation.

  • Lifetime Member: one-time contribution of $200 for one person, or $300 for a husband and wife. Lifetime Membership is available for both Active and A Friend Members.


The association traces its history back to 1917, when its forerunner, the Port Arthur College Alumni Association, was formed.

The original organization provided support for Port Arthur College until it disbanded during World War II. The association's annual meeting was canceled in May 1942, when the tanker Munger T. Ball was sunk in the Gulf of Mexico by enemy fire. A number of Port Arthur College graduates were on board and were lost at sea. The turbulence of the war years prevented the association from reforming.

In 1984, during the funeral for longtime Port Arthur College English teacher Floy Ranquetta, who taught from 1932 to 1972, a number of her former students expressed interest in reforming the alumni organization.

In 1986, Sam Monroe, then President of Lamar University-Port Arthur, suggested the formation of a group that would include Port Arthur College alumni and graduates of LUPA.

The new Alumni Association of Lamar University-Port Arthur gathered for its first annual banquet in October 1986.

The organization changed its name during the year 2000 to reflect the change of the institution's name. The association currently has about 300 members.

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