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Fall 2014 Course Syllabi

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Guillot, Sheila HITT-2435-73 - Coding Reimbursement Method
Peeler, Bobby CETT-1303-01 - DC Circuits
CETT-1325-01 - Digital Fundamentals
EDUC-1100-01 - Learning Framework
EDUC-1300-01 - Learning Framework
EDUC-1300-02 - Learning Framework
Quist, Edward BUSG-2305-01 - Business Law-Contracts
LGLA-1307-01 - Intro Law-Legal Prof
LGLA-1401-01 - Legal Research-Writing
LGLA-2313-01 - Criminal Law-Procedures
LGLA-2388-01 - Paralegal-Legal Asst Intern
Triebel, Mavis GOVT-2305-02 - Federal Government
GOVT-2305-03 - Federal Government
GOVT-2305-04 - Federal Government
GOVT-2305-05 - Federal Government
GOVT-2305-07 - Federal Government
GOVT-2306-02 - Texas Government